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2012 Kia Sedona - Parasitic Draw/Extended Warranty

parasitic draw on battery, car set for 3 days it will start, same scenario won’t start. have excellent mechanic, can,t fix, checked every fuse, had it at KIA in Joliet, IL, they won’t or can’t fix it. at KIA 7 weeks. at mechanic 3 weeks. I called and wrote to every KIA dealer and office I could find, no one could solve the problem. I paid $1700 for a mechanical insurance warranty, I don’t have the booklet and no one will one for me. They act like they never heard of it. I bought it at Bill Jacobs in Joliet,IL in Feb. 2012. the vechicle has 78000 miles no problems to talk of except this. this is the first time it won’t start. The van still looks brand new. No rust great shine. always ran perfect.

If you don’t know the name of this worthless extended warranty no shop is going to chase it down . Plus I doubt if that warranty you bought will even cover it . Maybe the selling dealer might know of what companies they sold extended warranties in the past.

Start looking for auto electric repair shops.

So what is your question? This seems like a legal issue with your extended warranty.