2016 Kia Soul parasitic draw

My daughters Kia Soul has a parasitic draw on the battery. Kia dealer in another town tested and said it was the entertainment/ navigation system. Since she couldn’t afford the $1100 for a new one, she got one from a wrecked Kia and I installed it. Did the same thing. Got a local dealer to check it, and they said it was the external factory amp. Disconnected the amp, and same thing? Now what could it be? Thanks!

Hi! How is being determined that something is drawing down the battery?

Has the battery been completely discharged, causing the car to not start?

If so, did this happen on each attempted fix to the problem?

Do you have a fairly precise measurement of the draw after the vehicle has been parked for a while?

Has the battery been replaced or is this car functioning on its original battery?
Has the battery been tested for condition?

Has anybody tested for this draw and then pulled fuses, one at a time, to see which circuit displays the draw?

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New battery, two dealers determined it was a parasitic draw from the radio/navigation system. It was replaced and still has the draw, which will kill the battery in about 12 to 18 hrs. Also was told it was the external radio amp but disconnecting it made no difference. Pulling fuse under dash number 2 10D 15A will stop the draw. Thanks! Sorry about the delay getting back, a lot going on.

There may be other things on the circuit, check them out also.

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How would I find out what other things may be on the same circuit?

Thanks for the reply.

You might try this, in the manual, though you will loose radio settings etc. ✽ NOTICE
If you need to park your vehicle for
prolonged periods more than 1
month, move the transportation fuse
switch to the OFF position to prevent the battery being discharged.
Still under warranty?
Looks like 2 goes to the power outlet, anything plugged into it? pull the fuse and check for shorts.