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2012 Jetta Engine Light keeps popping up!

Hello! I bought a certified pre-owned VW Jetta 2012 in August of 2013 that had 4,500k miles on it… I currently have 60,000 miles on it. (I drive a ton)… but ever since I bought it my engine makes this jolting feeling when I slow down. it comes and goes and gets worse when I am due for an oil change. I have taken it to the dealer several times about this issue and they say that german engineering…I think differently. My engine light constantly comes on and my problem is still not fixed. Does anyone know what the issue is??? I am clueless about cars.

You will have to leave us know what engine is in this.
PLus if you stop at most Auto Parts stores they will read the codes for free. Write then down and post back with the codes. THe codes will begin with a “P” followed by 4 numbers ie;P0203

No one can halp you without the codes.


What kind of transmission does it have, manual, DSG, or a regular automatic. Here is an explanation of a Dual Shift Gearbox


The comment about the oil change worries me. Do you check your oil and keep it at the correct level?

I agree with lion9car’s comment about the oil change and wonder how often the oil is changed.

I have a 2.5L engine… I don’t know what the code is…the dealer ran a test multiple times and came back fine. although the last time he ran it they said my fuel injector needs to be cleaned, so I did that at pepboys and maybe a month later my light came on again… VW recommends a complete tune up every 10,000miles and I get my oil changed (synthetic) every 6-7k

“VW recommends a complete tune up every 10,000 miles”

The OP really needs to educate us regarding what that “complete tune-up” every 10k miles entails.

Are they really suggesting that you replace your spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter every 10k miles? If so, you need to RUN away from those charlatans as fast as possible.

Take it to autozone or advance and get the codes read. If the light comes on it set a code.

We still need to know if you check your oil and keep it at the correct level.

You must be dealing with the dumbest of the dumb as far as service advisors go at that dealership.
The comments about “it’s German engineering” and “VW recommends a tune-up every 10k miles” are appalling to say the least.
I can say without hesitation that VW does not nor have they ever recommended a tune-up every 10k miles.
Do not confuse corporate VW with the dealer; they are not one and the same even if there is a VW sign out front.

As lion9car said, we still need to know about that oil situation. Normally that may not be a factor but seeing as how you state the problem gets worse as it approaches oil change time it could turn out to be very relevant.

“I can say without hesitation that VW does not nor have they ever recommended a tune-up every 10k miles.”

Does that apply all the way back to 1949 when they first started importing? :slight_smile:

They recommended 12 to 15k tune-up intervals on the old air cooled engines with valve lash every 6k.
The air cools are a whole different ball game compared to liquid cooled engines.

My throttle body needed to be cleaned