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2006 Jetta


I recently bought a 2006 Jetta with 31,000 from a used imported cars salesman. I’ve had it for 5 or 6 months and have put on 4,000 miles since I’ve gotten it. Sometimes it won’t start for 2 or 3 days, it wil rumble the engine for 5 to 10 seconds then shut off. Then it will randomly start working fine for a day or two, and repeat itself. I was just wondering before I take it in and spend a lot of money, if there is any advice other customers have noticed with there VW’s.


Is the check engine light on?

No, that’s what so strange. No lights have come on since it started acting funny.

Ok then try to improve your description. What does “rumble” for 5 or 10 seconds mean? That it runs but only very roughly and then just stalls? Will it always run for 5-10 seconds or will it sometimes just crank and crank without ever really starting? What if you hold the gas pedal down just a little bit? Is there any connection to weather? Temperature? Moisture?

I guess rumble wasn’t the best description, my whole car will shake and the hood makes these terrible sound like its going to fall threw. Sometimes it won’t even start it will just crank but other times it will just shake my whole car. Holding down the gas pedal doesn’t change anything, and weather hasn’t been an issue. Sometimes it will be cold and will start fine then it’ll be hot and won’t start, and vise versa. I bought it in Missouri but I now live in Colorado. That might be an issue.

Which engine is it?
The 2006 Jetta came with a diesel engine, a 2.5 5 cylinder engine, or a 2 liter Turbo engine?

What work have you done in the 4k miles that you have driven it?

If you can take a video and post it on youtube, and provide a link, that might help us understand what you are describing.

But we definitely need to know which engine it has.


[i]  that's what so strange. No lights have come on since it started acting funny.[/i]   

It is not unusual for someone to black tape the engine light when they go to sell a car.  It might be a good idea to see if one of your auto part's stores will try and read any engine codes.