2012 Jeep Compass - Won't take fuel

trouble getting fuel in to car, keeps backing up,

It’s a Jeep Thing :wink: :rofl: Sorry I had too.

The Problem might have to do with EVAP (Ventilation) for the gas tank which consist of some hose’s, charcoal canister, and some valves.
Basically, the evap system can’t exhale, it’s like pouring fluid in a container quickly with a small opening and the air can’t escape so the fluid comes back out the hole. Or in this case the pump shuts off because it feels the back pressure.

Also, just so you are aware, there is also a recall for your vehicle for the fuel tank.

Chrysler recalls Jeep Patriot, Compass to fix fuel tank problem; warning lights on sedans (yahoo.com)


You had a nice response.

My snarky response: to prevent backing up, set parking brake, place transmission in park, turn off engine😀