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2012 Infiniti G37

Hey guys, Aaron here.

My car has been acting up lately, and has been having a lot repairs. In the last 3 months, I’ve had the AC fixed about 3 times, a couple other things fixed that I can’t remember at this moment, so I’ve spent a probably around $1000-1500 within the last couple of months to fix my car, I’m almost at about 50,000 miles on the car, I’m the only owner and I get my oil changes or other fluids checked regularly at the dealership. Anyways, I was in a accident on the first of April, and it did about $7,000 worth or damage. Insurance decided to fix the vehicle, I just got the Infiniti back on the 21st. Today I noticed that when I dropped my girlfriend off at work, I was driving home and I turned my AC on, it started blowing warm air, and the power of my car just like completly shut off, I had to literally push the medal all the way down, to make it keep up with traffic, and I noticed it wouldn’t shift till I have about 5,000-RPMS which made it sound just plain crazy since I was only going about 40 miles per hour. Any idea on what could be going on with it? I’ve been reading a lot that it would be transmission. Also, I read that it could be the oil, but I don’t need another oil change for a little of 1,000 miles.

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Yes, it could well be symptomatic of a transmission problem, and pushing the pedal to the metal is not going to help. I would suggest that you first check the level, color, and odor of the trans fluid, and then report back to us on your findings.

That statement implies that you don’t check the level of the oil in the crankcase between oil changes, and if that is the case then you are courting very expensive engine problems. Even though my car does not consume oil, I still check it every month or so, and I suggest that you do the same.

All of that being said, your repair expenses sound very high for a car that is only 5 years old, and that has only 50k miles, and that causes me to wonder just how well the car has been maintained. If you take a look at the maintenance schedule contained in your Owner’s Manual, you will see that maintenance consists of much more than simply changing the oil and “checking” fluids.

Thanks for the advice, I just checked my engine oil level, it seemed to be good. Smells like normal oil, and not too dark nor is it too light. I don’t know if you’re too familiar with Infiniti’s but I can’t get to me transmission oil dipstick. I could just not know what I’m looking for, since I don’t mess with it. But I do have a service appointment today for them to check out the AC again, so I’ll just have them check everything once again.

More news about my car, from another post on carcarekiosk, they said that my vehicle does not have a transmission fluid dipstick so therefore the only way to check it raise it up in the air and to check the “Check Valve”

Yes, unfortunately, that seems to be a trend with many car mfrs, and it isn’t a good trend, IMHO.


It runs ok w/the AC off, but bogs down badly, barely reaches freeway speeds with the AC on? I’d guess the AC compressor is misbehaving, maybe partially locking up, and loading down the engine. The engine power is what drives the AC compressor, but it should be easy for the engine to turn it if the AC compressor is working properly. Do you hear any squeaking or screeching sounds when this occurs? Suggest to not run the AC until this problem is resolved, as doing so could spew metal debris from a failed compressor into other AC components.