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2003 Infiniti g35 a/c problems when car idle

I have an Infiniti G35. I have some sort of electrical problem. Sometimes, the radio turns off as if it isn’t getting enough power. Also, my a/c doesn’t cool if I am sitting idle in traffic. It works much better (but not totally perfect) when I am driving. I put a new battery in, and I am still having the same problem. Help!!!

For AC start with a standard performance test,I don’t reccommend the cheapest,but we/you need to know the high and low side pressures and everything that would make them out of spec.

Not at all familar with your radio controls,is there a software component like BMW’s I Drive? perhaps a sortware problem somewhere in the system. We did have to reprogram many BMW radios (even without I Drive)they were draining the batterys when cold.