2012 Hyundai Genesis - Dash crack and gas smell

Cracked dash on passenger side above air bag!! Always have sun visor up and treat with vinyl/leather protection. I dont understand how it still happens. Also gas smell/fumes from rear of vehicle after fill up. SO ANNOYING!

Hyundai Genesis: Smells Like Gas Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)

Re: crack in dash. Some vinyl cleaning products may have the downside of contributing to later cracking. Google what the internet says about the products you are using. Suggest to use only the products Hyundai recommends for cleaning the dash. A body shop may be able to repair the crack without replacing the dash to the point it is nearly invisible, better chances for success if done earlier than later.

Re: gas smell after filling tank. When you tank up the fumes above the level of the gas in the gas tank have to go somewhere to make space for the new gas, and are supposed to be directed into the charcoal canister, where the gasoline and air are separated, gasoline burned later in the engine via the purge valve, and the air expelled via a vent valve. Anything wrong w/that function, which involves several valves opening and closing could cause this symptom. Ask your shop to check for that, particularly the purge valve and the vent valve. Often problems w/this function turn on the check engine light, but not always. More likely if you ever moved the car w/ the nozzle still attached, that could damage the fill pipe and produce a similar symptom.

Is the Check Engine light on?


Your location could have something to do with the cracked dash no matter what you do. Here in OK that is not a rare problem with the sun and heat.

As for the gas smell you might consider a faulty gas cap seal or maybe it is not being tightened enough.
That happened with my Sonoma a few times lately after filling up. Both times; my fault. I was in a hurry and did not click it enough. It also triggered the CEL.

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I had that problem on a rented car after purchasing gasoline, even though I tightened the cap later, the CEL stayed on for nearly a thousand miles. I expect the reason it didn’t turn off is b/c the computer’s requirements for it to run the test, tank has to be 1/4-3/4 full, has to be cold start, then tested at a certain coolant temp, etc. Never got the right combo of events for a re-test to occur during the 1000 mile drive.