2012 Honda Pilot battery only dies in garage

I have a 2012 Honda Pilot and recently tried parking it in my garage. After replacing 2 batteries from aaa in a week I took it out of the garage. It works just fine parking in the driveway. My wife has a 2015 Ford Fusion and it has no problem in the garage. What do you think might be causing this? I took the car to Honda for service and they couldn’t find anything that would cause this.

Does the vehicle have a security system with key fobs?

If so, how far away are the key fobs away from the vehicle while it’s parked in the garage?


Yes, the car has a key fob and when not in use, is stored just inside the house by the door going into the garage. I also have a garage door opener above the car.

Try relocating the key fob further away from the vehicle to see if that prevents the battery from draining.