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2012 Honda Odyssey - Yes or no?

Should I buy an 2012 Honda Odyssey touring elite with 230,000 highway miles for $7600?

I wouldn’t even consider it for that much money, maybe $2000 if it passes a pre-purchase inspection.


Even if it’s in excellent shape…and has all the papers… highway miles.
I’ve been looking for awhile now and found an 09 ex-l with 125,000 miles for 7900…in good shape

Brian , people on the web can’t see or drive the vehicle and don’t know where you are so it is a little difficult to answer whether or not you should buy a vehicle. I am with Mr. Me , that much money for something with that many miles , I would not even consider it.

$7,600? That’s insane for a vehicle with 230k miles…I don’t care what kind of miles they are or what kind of shape the rest of the vehicle is in…

It is a Odyssey touring elite

I agree I thought it was too…Kelley blue book saids it isn’t

I just checked it in my area…shockingly they price it that high too…I understand it’s the Touring Elite trim level, but still!! That’s insane…

I’ll go look at it …and see