2012 Honda Odyssey headlights point down

Headlights point down told they are self leveling had a sensor fixed said that should do it but alas nothing changed

self leveling as in auto adjusting? van is 6yrs old. have you noticed this issue for 6yrs?

No just noticed after replaced bulbs. Bulbs are supposed to be installed correctly. No one can seem to come up with any idea not even Honda

I’d be looking at the power to the leveling motors.

hid are auto adjusting but the set point can be adjusted.

Update: I took the van to a shall we say shade tree mechanic and have found that both leveling motors were bad and one of the lenses was cracked as to not allow the bulb to seat correctly. Repair cost $270 parts $110 labor for total $380. Too bad for Honda since they had first crack at it and after refused to admit anything was wrong. The total cost through them would have been around $800.