2012 Honda Odyssey - Blinker causes problems

When I turn on my signal light and go tto make a turn the car pressure drop all the way down and I can bearly drive the car. but if I quickly turn the blinker off the car acts normal. I went to autozone and they could find a problem they said it was the cars computer. Now my car keys are not working properly. I not for sure where to take it to get it look at. Please help

I’ll let one of the mechanics help wit the root cause, but until you fix it…

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What do you mean by this? What “pressure” ??

Did auto zone provide you with the actual codes? Will be in format of P0123. If they did please post the codes here and maybe we could provides some ideas. My GUESS is the switch is sending erroneous signals to the computer but that is just a guess.
Or, use the ‘mechanics files’ at the top of the page to find a good independent shop to read the codes.

Has this car been in a crash?

Autozone is not staffed by mechanics. Ask friends, family, coworkers, and others you know for a mechanic recommendation and head there.

I can’t imagine a blinker causing a massive draw, but I wonder if your alternator is going kaput and the lower voltage is causing drivability and key fob issues.

Sounds like there is a problem with the brake light switch. With the turn signal on power may be back feeding though the brake light switch to the Powertrain Control Module, if the brakes are applied the PCM will disable the throttle after a few seconds, “panic mode”.

Yes, some one hit me from behind twice

Where can I found a mechanic that deals with honda? I notice someone said they think that my alternator may be going out on me? Could tell me the sign of a bad alternator? I have had a alternator to go out on me on a previous car but not this one. and it not showing the sign of the previous car symptoms.

Please help


There is nothing special about your Honda that most mechanics can’t solve. If you are in the US most Auto Zone stores will check your alternator for free . As for a mechanic that is what the online rating services do best.

To find a recommended mechanic go to the top of this page and click on the tab , “MECHANICS FILES”, it will show some places to take the vehicle in your area when you fill in the info needed.

The engine computer will not cause an issue with the turn indicators though I suppose they could make it seem there is a problem with the computer, especially if there is a grounding problem somewhere. I am not sure what to think about your problem with the keys. That could be related to the other issue if there is grounding problem.

There are some incidences where the alternator can cause the engine to run rough. This is when the alternator has excessive AC ripple voltage due to faulty diodes inside it. I don’t this happening in your case though. A shop can check that out to verify it is working correctly…