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2012 Honda Insight oil consumption

Honda sent me a notice about excessive oil consumption. I have a 2012 Insight. I took the car to the dealer and they did a test to measure the oil consumption and it is using about one quart for every 1300 miles. That seems excessive to me but not Honda. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Sheri

As with most manufactures that amount is not going to warrant any work for free. Just check your oil every week on a certain day and you should not have a problem. They have it on record so if it really gets worse then they may do something but don’t count on it.

Nope, most manufacturers consider 1 quart/1,000 miles normal. A few (Audi I think is one) considers as low as 1 quart/700 miles normal

To qualify for the warranty repair the consumption rate must be 1 quart or more per 1000 miles.

Agree with the other posters. Just remember to check your oil level frequently and add as appropriate. Read your owners manual about how to check the dipstick and how much to add when it is low. Never overfill!