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2012 Honda CR-V - Lights

high beam head light not sufficient for safe driving. Actually all head light setting.

Are your headlight lenses cloudy? Auto parts stores have products that can clean and make them clear again.

Not cloudy? Replace both bulbs, they have aged to the point the light output has diminished.

Did all that and STILL have a problem? See your eye doctor, you may have a problem.


Just adding to Mustangman’s comments - Here is how older headlights are improved


The first two of @Mustangman’s suggestions are easy to do, and you could do them yourself. If you don’t want to or can’t do them, an auto detailer can restore your headlight lenses and any mechanic can replace the bulbs for you.


Good advice above. What to do depends on whether the bulbs are too dim (bulb or electrical problem) , or the bulbs are fine but the light from the bulb is dimmed on its way exiting from the fixture somehow; e.g. the inner surface of the outer lens is gunked up or fogged with water vapor, or more commonly the outer surface of the lens is cloudy from being hit by small dust particles while travelling at freeway speeds. This is a pretty common thing after the manufacturers switched from glass to plastic lenses.