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Battery shot?

I asked my independent mechanic to test my battery for me a few days ago when the oil was changed only instead of actually testing it, they just told me that the thing is 7 years old and should be replaced. They said it was on “borrowed time”.

This was news to me because I just bought this car a few months ago (99 Accord).

Not sure what kind of battery it is specifically, but it was done by a Honda dealership in 2001. Probably part of Interstates line of batteries. I would have to get back with you.

Just wanted to get a second opinion before I go out and spend the $ on a new one. I thought they were supposed to last 8-10 years. Thanks.

You are definitely on borrowed time. Most battery’s that age are loong gone. Very few make it that far. I replace mine at 4 years, before they fail. Go spend the money.

Battery life will vary. You might get a few more years out of that seven year old battery, but I would not bet on it. Unless you like being stranded, I think I would replace it now when you can drive to the parts store and have a choice of batteries and maybe even get it installed for no additional cost, vs paying to have someone come out and replace your battery.

Most batteries last between 4 and 7 years.  It's time. 

So where did that 8 - 10 years come from?  You likely see batteries with 8-10 year warranties (some have less. but if you look at the warranty carefully and compare prices, you will see that the warranty is prorated so you will only get may be 10% off a new battery.  In other words they get you to buy their battery again.  It is a sales technique. 

Your mechanic is right.

I’ve NEVER EVER had a battery fail in under 6 years…EVER…MOST usually the 7-8 year time frame. I’ve had many batteries go 10 years or more.

A seven year old automotive battery is on borrowed time, and can fail and leave you stranded with no warning. As with other components on a vehicle, the battery is considered a consumable component, and needs replacement to ensure the vehicle starts and operates reliably.

Or, you run on this borrowed time with the battery, and just wait till it fails at the most inopertune time, and then may pay for towing AND replacement of the battery.

Which sounds cheaper?


Check the battery carefully for a sticker that designates the installation/in service date.

If it says(eg. 2/'01) it may well need replacing. I’ve had batteries last only 5 years and one that lasted 11 (a Delco, new in '88).

Battery life as was mentioned greatly varies, just like opinions. (Yep, mine too)

Go to a parts store and have them check the battery and the charging system. Then you’ll know for sure.

after you find out for sure how old the battery is, then you will know if needs to be replaced?? if it needs to be replaced,— then, if the car won"t start you can be sure it"t not the battery??? good luck & good judgement

Around 4-5 years is about it for most batteries although a few mutants may survive a few years longer. Depending, many 1-3 year old batteries fail.

I’ve been in the mechanic field for around 35 years and I’ve NEVER seen an 8-10 year old battery yet that was still any good. Maybe when pigs fly that opportunity will arise.

Delco’s in the AZ desert heat fail before 3 yrs,see you are getting a very wide range of info.

We must qualify the word fail,when a load test is performed does the battery not exactly meet the specs? is that a failure? or when you go to start you car and all it does is “click” is that what condition must be met to get a failure rating?

Thanks for all the replies. I’m going to go ahead and replace the battery anyway but just for the record the battery I bought for my old Honda before this one had an 8 year warranty. The Battery in my mom’s 99 CRV lasted until last fall (I THINK it was the original), and her “friend at church” with a Honda said his lasted 10 years.

I’m not going to risk it though. $100 > Being stranded in the parking garage at work.

Short of sticking this in the ‘Tall Tales’ file OK, My 1988 Chev Corsica came with that battery and sure, I had to recharge it periodically after 9 years and it amazed me too.

The car had 230k miles on it and the same battery in it the day I had it towed to the scrapper.