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I have a 2007 honda civic lx 4doors my problem is that when the car is sitting overnight the battery gets almost flat when I drive the car in the day everything is perfect I get test the battery starter n the alternator everything is find what is the problem here please help

That problem is usually caused by a parasitic current draw while the vehicle is off.

One thing to check is if something like a glove box/trunk light is staying on.

To do this, open the glove box/trunk and quickly feel the bulb. If the bulb is warm/hot it means it’s been on for a while and drawing the battery down.


How old is this battery? The Civic is at least 8 years old so if the is the original battery, it may just be time. If you have the capability to access the individual cell electrolytes, measure the specific gravity of each cell right after a long run and the first thing in the morning when the “battery is flat”. It is not unheard of for a functional battery cell to self discharge on sitting.

Hope this helps.

The battery is just weeks old I do the test of the parasitic draw an is almost 0 I clean all the battery terminal n can’t find anything

Do you have an aftermarket subwoofer amp? aftermarket security system? aftermarket remote starter?

How did you do the parasitic draw test? what was the actual reading?

Everything is stock n I us a multimeter 10a

Are you disconnecting the battery when checking for a current draw?


Yes the negative terminal

Be aware of FREDS.

FREDS are when a computer/module fails to go sleep after a certain amount time causing a current draw.

When you disconnect the battery to do the current draw test, it can force the offending computer/module to go to sleep, so when you go test for the current draw, it’s no longer there.