2012 Ford Fusion fuel pump

Put the power probe to the Fuel pump, didn’t work, had all ready tested deiode, fuse, relay and fuel pump mod. Is this a problem other owners have had?

What is that?

Some kind of a modification?

First of all, what’s your problem?

Car won’t start at all?

Takes a long time to start?

Stalls out?

What is this “deiode” you’re referring to?

Some kind of a diode?

Most of the mechanics and diy’ers offering up help at CT Forums don’t own a Fusion OP, so won’t have any direct experience. But they might be able to help still. For best results here, suggest to clearly post what the problem is, and identify any pertinent info such as diagnostic codes, mileage, transmission type, engine ID, etc… If you have a circuit schematic you are using to debug with, post that too.