04 navigator fuel pump issue?

K so I hava an 04 navi… it rwcently has been having issues starting sometimes. It turns over but will not start so I figured this was a fuel line issue… I changed the fuel filter and and now thinking it may be the fuel pump. I have checked the fuse and its fine … the relay is un reachable but I do hear a click by the fuse box when I put key in on position but I cannot hear the pump when I put key in ignition…my main question is if my fuel pump isnt working then would my car still start sometimes and not others or is this an electrical issue???

There have been a few ford issues with fuel pumps from that era, including my wifes windstar. Luckily it was under the 7 year 70k mile extended warranty. Every now and then it would not start after driving a bit, it always started cold. 2 times we had it towed to the dealer and it started right up. So we were on the if it does not start wait 1/2 hour then try and that worked. No error codes so I talked to the dealer about it, and they said they would rush right out and check it if she stopped on their lot and it would not start. So I asked wifey to stop at the dealership every time she passed by and if it did not start let them know because they are ready to hop on it. Sure enough 1 stop it would not start, diagnosis bad fuel pump and it has been fine ever since.

Its weird because in the mornings when its cooler it doesnt want to start but other mornings it will and If I get it going once its good for the rest of the day…I noticed in the evenings when its reli hott it was more likely to start…other than that it is almost fully random when it likes to start and not start … I also noticed if I dont touch it for a few days it starts fine but if I try to go out everyday for errands it gives out on me… I just dont get it… if my engine isnt getting fuel “sometimes” then what is happening?

It is possible this is a moister/ignition ptoblem are there heavy dews in the days it does not start, or a rain event causes a no start condition? If so then we are looking at plug wires etc.

You might consider the following and I’m assuming the vehicle has Bosch type relays in it. Make a short jumper wire a few inches long with a flat male spade connector at each end.

When the engine will not start remove the fuel pump relay and install the jumper wire into terminals 30 and 87 in the fuse block. That should energize the pump and bypass the electronic pump controls.
If it starts then and will not start if reverted back to normal then there’s a controls issue; not the pump.
This is a test only; do NOT leave the wire in place or the pump will run all the time.

I am wondering if it could b as simple as needing new fuel injectors?