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2012 Ford F150 turbo lag?

I have a 2012 Ford F150 Ecoboost. It has a hesitation at a yeald or rolling stop. i have had it looked at by different machanics and they say it’s turbo lag. Any advice or ideas on what to do?

If it is turbo lag, there is nothing you can do. That said… did you just buy this truck?

Or have you owned it a while and are just now noticing the lag? If it didn’t lag before and it lags now, the mechanics don’t know what they are talking about - something has changed.

Had the truck for 2 years. No problem the first 6 months been trying to figure it out since. Help!!!

Well, then you need better mechanics because you obviously have a problem.

Is the check engine light on? Does the truck build turbo boost quickly at any speed or does it seem to hesitate? How many miles on it? Has the oil been changed regularly? Has the gas mileage dropped lately?

Might be a bad turbo bearing depending on mileage and/or maintenance. Answer back so we can dig a little deeper.

No to check engine, turbo works great any other speed fine, plenty of get up and go. The truck has 56,600 mile on it. Regular oil changes, put in a k&n air filter. Mileage is 14-16 in town 20-22 highway.

I get this complaint on occasion, owners complain of a hesitation when accelerating after slowing when the car in front of them makes a right turn for example. Some late model vehicles are reluctant to downshift under these conditions, they hold too high a gear when tipping into the accelerator. The reason they are programmed this way is to score a higher fuel economy rating. I sometimes find myself flooring the accelerator when road testing late model vehicles to get them to downshift.

Ford has a software update for the PCM for “shift quality concerns” that may or may not help with this.

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I like @Nevada_545’s thoughts. I’ve experienced similar performance with a non-turbo automatic. It doesn’t really explain as to why it didn’t before but does this now.