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2007 ford f-1580 xlt acceleration hesitation

I have a 2007 Ford F-150 XLT, recently installed a new motor. due to the bad oil pump that’s causes the truck to start ticking pretty bad. so we changed out the motor, From Jasper Motors, with an updated fuel pump and plate that will start to open at 9K rpm’s. this reducing the amount of oil flowing back into the pan and keep more oil at the top of the motor and no more ticking. also has chrome lifter and lager cam shaft. so needless to say engine runs way better. then 3 years later had to swap out transmission. also went to Jasper for a newly updated version. So about 3 months ago I started getting a hesitation on acceleration. every now and then. but as I step on the pedal, if bogs down and feels like its getting flooded with fuel. that’s my concern. so some steps I’ve already taken.
step 1 replaced fuel pump driver
step 2 replaced all injectors
step 3 replaced new fuel line module just above the injector port
step 4 since I’m running the performance edge chip, that currently was really not being used. I stepped it up to stage 3. systems kind of went away. but are still there.

so next I’m thinking either pedal sensor along with TPS. what can I do. I hate that this car wont get up and go at a stop light. hesitates then takes off.

Is the check engine light on?

no lights have come on at all.

I thought maybe the cats could be bad, but last month had smog done and it passed no problem

heard about some system re-flashing. so I did that with my Performance Edge chip. symptoms, kind of faded. but still remain. while warm or cold. as I come to a stop. waiting for light to change step on gas, and feels like its going to flood out and stall.

no lights at all, thought cats might be bad, but recently passed smog

I believe if the cats were bad (as in clogged), you’d have low power in the higher rpm range, which seems like the opposite of what you’re describing. I’m not sure - If there’s no check engine light, I’d be afraid to just throw parts at it. I think I might flash the computer back to stock programming, if that’s an option. See if that has any effect. May not be a possibility, though, with the modifications to the engine. Honestly I don’t understand the modifications…like the “updated fuel pump and plate” that opens at 9k rpm… Does a 5.4 even reach 9k rpm? I’m kinda lost, so I won’t be much help!

I was told by jasper motors that the original engine had a softer plate at the pan, that under rpm, it would open up causing oil to drain back into the pan faster that normal, thus having the engine start ticking at the right side of the case. thought it was the oil squinters that shoot oil down the left and right rails. but the ticking got worse. which is why I decided to go with a new motor.

after motor swap noise gone and the power was even better than before. yet now 3 years later and right after the new transmission installed. the hesitation acceleration from a dead stop is progressively getting worse. so yeah I have thrown a few items at it thus, new sensors and modules, I felt at the age of the truck wouldn’t hurt. have yet to solve the problem. I can re-program back to stock flashing the system, but still no lights will come on

what do you think, the module or sensor that controls the amount of fuel to the throttle body is? maybe either the pedal sensor, or the TPS or both.

I’m not real familiar with Ford’s drive by wire (assuming it doesn’t have a throttle cable). Maybe someone else will know. I’d say either could cause the issue, but I’d think both would set a check engine light if faulty too.

The reason I suggested flashing back to stock programming, that would always be the first thing I’d do. Just in case there’s an issue with the aftermarket tune. Not likely, but aftermarket tunes have caused drivability issues from time to time.

This truck definitely doesn’t have a throttle cable

Yeah. I assumed not. But I’ve never owned an 07 Ford, so I didn’t know for certain.

It all started before I flashed it to stage 3. I was only using it for the gauges. So the functioning wasn’t really programmed. I did read that some people had luck flashing to stage 3. So I did that but still hesitates