2012 Fiat 500 - Plate bulbs

The license plate lights went out so I replaced the bulbs, still no plate lights so I replaced the whole hatch unit. Brand new from the dealer part and I still have no license plate lights. What else and where else could the problem be ?

Get a volt ohm meter. Check for continuity to ground at the light socket. Lights won’t work without power and ground.

Next, turn the plate lights on, is there 12 volts at the light? No, then suspect the switch or wiring.

If you don’r have a volt/multi meter you can use a cheap neon test light. Ask at you auto parts store. If there is no power to the license plate lights, check the wiring where it flexes when the hatch is opened.

Replace the fuse, even if it looks good.

Shouldn’t the license playe lights be wired with the tail lights and not the backup lights?

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Yes, I mistakenly typed backup instead of license lights.