2012 Dodge Charger Parts - Can't Get Parts! HELP PLEASE!

I have a 2012 Dodge Charger. It failed the inspection because of an emergency brake cable issue. I need the cables but the dealer and my mechanic tell me that the parts are unavailable. I guess we have two of the three cables. It has been two months and I don’t have a car and am going crazy!! Can anyone help or tell me how I can find an alternative?? Thank you so much!!!

I put ( parking brake cable for 2012 Dodge Charger ) in Google and got several hits . Don’t know if they are what you need but a few phone calls might work . Or see if a local body shop knows of a place that can make a cable for you.

Which one are you missing? What engine do you have? Is it all wheel drive?

Rockauto shows a front and a right cable available.

American Muscle shows the right and left

Just took a Google search. Maybe you need a better mechanic. Or your mechanic needs a helper that knows how to search for parts.

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But how hard is it to make a brake cable? This is a legal question though that you should talk to your governor about. Who red tags a car for a parking brake cable, or windshield washer?

Another idea, maybe you can find a used one. From a wrecked Charger of same era. Check which cars they have on blocks at your local Pick N Pull as a start maybe.


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If OP’s car has manual transmission, working parking brake is a safety-necessity. Even if automatic, parking brake should still be used to back-up the parking pawl, but could be argued common-sense-wise if car parked carefully, parking pawl is safe enough that OP could wait until cable becomes available. But won’t then have emergency brake to back up a suddenly failed hydraulic brake.

Just to be contrar I’m not suggesting it is not a nice feature even though rarely used in common car usage. I would like to see the evidence of the number of failures though to justify parking the car. Do they also check to make sure all doors lock to prevent hijacking? This seems like a greater safety issue.

If OP has a manual, then I can see the need for it on a regular basis.

You won’t pass inspection in NY State without a working parking brake unless the car is old enough to not have come with one. Unless the cable has actually broken, I have had good success in freeing up cables frozen with rust by removing them from the car and running a lot of penetrating oil down them while continually flexing the cable. This is way too time consuming to pay someone else to do.

By the way, not all the automatics had park positions. The Chrysler Corp. push button transmissions of the 50s and 60s had no park position.

Are you near any bodies of water and or/large marinas? Don’t laugh I’m serious. Most large marinas have repair facilities either in or near them that cam make just about any cable. Just bring them the old Caleb and they will reproduce it exactly. I have to do this when I lived in Manteo NC and needed the cable from the floor shifter in a 1979 Hurst Cutlass. Sometimes thinking outside the box is necessary.


I ran over chunk of semi tire and it snapped my brake cable. Dealer said they had never sold one before. Pita to replace.
I couldn’t believe a chunk of tire would break it. Life.

I’m pretty sure no 2012 Charger came with a manual transmission.


The Torqueflite automatic had a parking pawl beginning in 1962.

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Good idea. If I couldn’t find a parking brake replacement cable for my 50 year old truck, seems like it would be pretty easy to homebrew a custom version. I make custom cables for my bicycle routinely. I’d guess a safety inspector would allow that as a common sense solution.

Sorry, you are correct Texases. I had challenger on the brain. :wink: :smiley:

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Virginia will.

Yes, my 56 Desoto dod not have park,nor dif my 61 Dodge Dart Phoenix but I had completley forgotten that my son’s 64 Valiant had a park lever.

The 62 version of torqueflite also introduced a part-throttle kick-down.

How do you know so much about classic Chrysler products? Are you some kind of Old Mopar Guy? :laughing:


I really should change it to “ancient mopar guy” :grinning: