2012 Chevrolet Cruze - do I really have to replace the whole intake manifold?

The little flapper valve under the Air Intake Emissions and Ventilation hose that attaches to the Intake Manifold is gone.! I was told the whole intake manifold needs to be replaced.!! The turbo is pressurizing the crank case.!!! True?

Probably. Is there more to this story?

PCV systems on turbo engines are more complicated than on NA engines. I would rather have a new intake manifold installed on the engine, not one that has been patched back together. A new intake manifold is $264, would you pay $200 to repair thew old one?

You could get another estimate or two for the problem. Don’t ask if you need a new intake manifold. Instead, just describe the problem and ask for a diagnosis. Expect to pay for the hour or two they take to check it out.

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