2012 Chevrolet Camaro - AC turned off due to high engine temp

ac off due to high engine

What is your engine “high” on?

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It is normal for the computer to shut off the air conditioning compressor when the engine is over heating.

It is not normal for the engine to over heat, you need to have the engines cooling system repaired.

Sorry , most of my post didn’t post. a/c off due to high engine temp. First it is NOT running hot, had it flushed, replaced thermostat 3 times in 3 months, so far also a sensor, had it checked for possible head gasket problems, you name it they have tested it. Chevy garage now said the thermostat maybe the issue because its not a GM part, the part is what is sold at evert part store for the car as a replacement. Chevy also said it needed burped, so they did that charged me 200.00 Chevy garage just ran another test 145.00 and now wants to order a GM part, replace it 335.00 and SEE if that does it, they have NO idea it will, guessing. If not then they said they will start replacing other things until they find what is causing it, but on my check book. you can reset it, get maybe 25 to 125
miles on the car and then the air cuts off the message comes on and no one has a clue why. I replace the battery, the belt and has a oil change, that is when all this started. when you look up Camaro and the code it seems Chevy has an issue but no one has a solution…