2009 Chevrolet Impala - “engine hot/AC off” warning

when driving on the freeway my dash will display enginehot / A/C off

If you continue to ignore the issue, you will ruin the engine.


just a few things to check…
make sure your coolant is up to the proper level. if not add and have the system bled to get the air out.
make sure your radiator fans are coming on. if not check your fuses and relays first.
you could also have a faulty thermostat.
a bad temp sensor can stop the fan from turning on.

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Your cars computer is saying it turned the A/C off automatically b/c the engine coolant temperature was too high. In an extreme engine cooling situation, like attempting to gain 1000 feet in altitude driving in Death Valley in August, the engine will tend to overheat, and so the computer turns the A/C so the engine doesn’t overheat to the point you can’t drive the car.

I presume OP that your driving situation wasn’t like Death Valley in August, so something is almost certainly amiss with your cooling system.

BTW, in an emergency overheating situation you can often get a little extra engine cooling by putting the heater & fan on max.

Problem could be among: coolant level is low, thermostat faulty, or faulty radiator pressure cap.