2012 Cadillac SRX - Kill switch

KEY FOB VS Ignition Kill Switch. Help, please. Neighbor removed kill switch from 2012 Hyundai Elantra (not sure if aftermarket or not) because he said fob was missing and car wouldn’t lock so this was his work-around to just be able to use key. Problem is that ever since he did this, both of our GM vehicles’ (2012 Cadillac SRX & 2019 GMC Canyon) key-fobs won’t work. Our truck can be started as it has a keyed ignition, however, alarm is triggered when door is unlocked with key (alarm stops upon starting truck). No such luck for Cadillac SRX - although door can be unlocked with key (included in key-fob) the alarm can not be shut off due to keyless ignition not able to start vehicle - meanwhile alarm continues (which sucks for my neighbors). I did find a work-around: My GMC app provides option to remotely unlock doors but takes about 3 - 5 minutes to work, but option to remote start the car only allows engine to run but not actually operate to drive - (dash lights won’t work, console options don’t work, & cannot take out of park) so useless. However, if I place key-fob in transponder pocket I can get car started/operational. So yes - although a work-around - certainly not convenient as it is time-consuming and disruptive to others. The neighbor’s roommate drives the Hyundai and parks it next to our cars due to adjacent driveway. When her car is gone or is moved onto street (20 feet away or so) issue resolves. But unfortunately, we can’t rely on her to do that. She seems oblivious to the inconvenience it causes us and claims her 2012 Hyundai can’t interfere with our cars. Our dealership service center says otherwise explaining that if ignition kill switch was disabled incorrectly it can still transmit signal which is what disables our key-fobs. Let me add that we have replaced batteries in both key-fobs (have a battery tester - they are good), additionally as mentioned the key-fobs work perfectly when the “problem” Hyundai isn’t near them.
Can anyone offer solution or provide resource to help or at the least confirm that an incorrectly disabled ignition kill-switch can interfere with key fob RF (315 mHz)? Thank you.

Your neighbor removed a “kill switch” from his Elantra and now your GM vehicles fobs don’t work ?

That makes no sense.

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Disabled it not removed it. GM Service team is stating that if they didn’t remove it completely it can still be emitting interference.

Sounds like the problem is originating on your neighbor’s end. Have you spoken to him? Seems like he needs to remove the immobilizer completely.

He may have tampered with a starter interrupter/tracking device and it is emitting an alert signal. Perhaps the dealer will collect the car soon and your problem will be solved.

My first thought was that Rod Serling was visiting Car Talk.

I think @Nevada_545 is on the right track. Did your neighbor buy the Elantra from one of those buy her/pay here places?