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2012 Cadillac SRX - Hesitates, shudders

I just had my 2012 Cadillac SRX at the repair shop at the Cadillac dealer as it wants to hesitate when I have to slow down, then hit the accelerator. It then shudders for a little bit before it straightens out, then seems to be ok. But if anybody rides with me, they ask why is it running a little rough when you take off. I just had all the oils and fluids replaced at a big expense, it has 158,000 miles on it. What all they did to it, didn’t help the problem.

Replacing fluids is basic maintenance. It wouldn’t help with your issue. Has the check engine light come on? You could have a bad throttle position sensor or a number of other issues. Take the car to a good independent mechanic and tell him what it’s doing.

Thanks for the advice, I agree with you, the fluid changes didn’t change a thing. The check engine light has not come on. I am supposed to take it back to the Cadillac dealer in the morning and the guy said they would check out the software, said it would probably take 45 minutes. I am ok with that, since all the fluid changes took a day and a half. I was thinking they may check out the software for free since I spent a bundle on new fluids, but if they do, I may still have to take it to a good independent dealer like you say. The car has been a dream up to now, but this problem is very annoying. I go over a railroad track, then it shifts down and shudders until it gets done shifting.

The vibration from going over railroad tracks might be jarring something in the transmission that’s already about to go. Regardless, a good mechanic with actual access to your vehicle can probably figure it out.

When is the last time this thing had a tune-up. I mean plugs, plug wires, etc. replaced. My first thought would be the idle air control valve. Cleaning it could do magic. I seriously doubt that there is anything wrong with the software. Software does not change, other than the driving parameters fed to the computer. It won’t be a free check, trust me (or not).

You could undo the positive cable from the battery for 30 minutes. That will delete all variable parameters and the computer will relearn them within the first few miles of driving.

I appreciate your thoughtful suggestions, another person asked me how long since the plugs had been changed, I am going to go look that up in my records and let you know. The car just turned 159,000 today.

They should have been changed once. Cadillac recommends every 97,500 miles. If you’re on schedule it will be due again at 195,000.