2012 Buick Verano is consuming oil without warning light

Oil consumption with no warning lights

13-06-01-003F 1…3 (nhtsa.gov)

TSB+14882+(Oil+Consumption).pdf (squarespace.com)

How much oil is going missing in 1000 miles?

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Yes, cars will do that. Make sure you check your oil level regularly and add as needed.


Correct, the only time you get a warning light for oil is when it is too late. When the oil light comes on you must pull over and stop at the first safe place, not the next exit or when you find a rest stop but at the first wide spot on the shoulder of the road. Otherwise you can turn your engine into scrap metal. Read your owners manual about checking your oil, as @Mustangman said check the oil regularly.


We need the answer to George’s question. We also need to know how low the oil level got before you topped it off.

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