2006 Buick Rendezvous major oil leak

Headed home and about 1/0 mile from house the oil light came on. Got home and made a trail of oil and when stopped it made a huge puddle.

Tow it to a mechanic and don’t be surprised if they tell you the engine is toast. When the oil light comes on, pull over and stop the vehicle ASAP

Huge puddle after he stopped seems to indicate it still had a lot of oil in it when he shut the engine off. Assuming he shut it off immediately after stopping.

So he may be lucky and it may be just a loose drain plug. But may not be.

This is true, but if he drove for a mile with low pressure…regardless of oil left over I’d plan for the worst and hope for the best (now I don’t know if Buick oil lights show up for low LEVEL too, if his came on for low level I’d feel a little more confident that it’s just a loose drain plug or something)

Did you just get the oil changed? I imagine you would have said so if you did, but maybe not. If you can get under the car a little, see if you can tell where the oil is coming from. If not, just get it towed to a shop you trust. BTW, if it is a loose oil sump plug, tighten it and fill up with oil and see if there is still any leakage. If not, consider driving about 50 feet and see if you hear anything unusual. If not, try 100 feet. If it’s still OK, then consider driving to a mechanic you trust to have the car checked out.