Where’s is my oil going no leak no light

2012 Buick LaCrosse I bought my car January 25 2019 5 months ago 126,000. I had them fix the air not blowing from drivers side of car they fixed main control head and rear vents. They did a 42 point inspection and said my car was on green all around 4 days after buying it didn’t start right up I tried agin it started. Month 3 the same thing again it started. 3 weeks ago while at a red light my car was shaking now anytime I’m parked or not moving it will shake until it cuts off. Today I had someone check my oil and it was none current mileage 130,000. What could be the problem? No lights on while driving but when in 1st key position only check engine light on no seatbelt nothing but not when car is on

If the oil pressure light is not on with the key in the first position and the engine is not running, itis either burned out or the bulb has been removed.
You need to learn to check your oil yourself. Engine damage has likely already happened.

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Apparently you don’t know how to check the oil level . There is a really good chance that you have serious engine damage . Did you not have oil added to bring it to the proper level. The problem is that this vehicle uses oil .

Ik I’m a woman I just take my car in at 5/6k miles and get a oil change and inspection at the dealer but I didn’t know there was a problem because no lights came on. Could it be fuel injectors bad pistons?

Maybe they removed it because they sold me a bad car. Or maybe it’s a bad bulb. How can I have a green on inspection from the dealer that sold it to me then no oil 4K miles later

What the check engine light come on if it was messed up?

Wouldn’t the

When I turn the car a click away from on

No lights on when started the oil indicator lights up with everything else on 2nd click and goes off with everything else

Crissy , when they did the 42 point inspection every thing worked as it should. That does not mean that every thing will keep working as it should for a day or longer. If you have put oil in at the proper level and no lights are on the dash after it starts then you should go straight to a shop and let them see if you have engine damage.

I put a quart end today immediately after my friend told me I had no oil to c if it would end up on the ground it didn’t come on the ground and it didn’t show a level on the dip stick. I called and scheduled service but can’t get in for 3 days and I’m wondering if it will be cheap or expensive if I bought a bad car and what the problem may be

I have a daughter who feels she should not have to check the oil on a modern car. It cost her an engine on her RAV4 that would have been covered by a recall but the car gad no oil when it was brought in.

She still doesn’t check her oil. Her money, her choice.

There is nothing gender specific about checking oil, it is neither strenuous or difficult.

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the only recommendations is what I told them to fix which was no air blowing on driver side and my navigation system

I take my cars to get serviced every 6 months at least. Oil should not just disappear in 5 months from green to empty. I put my trust in mechanics because I fix people not cars. I’m learning through trial and error yes. I have never had any oil problems with any of my cars as they r serviced regularly and I don’t drive to much so I thought I would be ok😢

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I get it, You don’t think you should have to check your oil and can depend on professional service to safeguard your car.

You are about to find out that is an expensive assumption.


@Crissy36 Chrissy, speaking woman to woman here. Going forward you need to make a habit of checking certain things yourself regularly, preferably once a week. Doing so will keep you safer and save you money by catching things before they become problems that become major, expensive, and possibly leaving you stranded from a breakdown.

Learn to check your oil. It’s very, very easy to do and only takes a minute. While you have the car hood up to do that also look to see if other fluid levels such as coolant and brake fluid appear to be at proper levels in their reservoirs. And look to see if you need to add windshield washer fluid. Then check the pressure in your tires and add air if needed as well as look for any uneven wear on the tire treads, if the tread is getting worn down enough to need new tires, any cracks in the sidewalls, or any nails or such that may have gotten in the tire tread.

How to do all this is detailed in your car manual. If there isn’t a manual in your glove compartment you can easily find it online to read and/or download. Reading the entire manual and abiding by the instructed maintence is one of the best and important things you can do to keep your car functioning safely and reliably for an extended life of use.

I am an older woman with no mechanical knowledge of how to do my own car maintenance or repairs. And I have severe arthritis, especially in my hands. Yet I am easily able to do these basic checks of oil, fluids, and tires for myself in about five minutes each week.

On any car that is losing oil for whatever reason it is a good idea to check the oil dipstick each time you fill the gas tank. And if needed, add enough oil to bring the level up to where it should be.

There are plenty of instructional You Tube videos you can watch to see how to do these basic, simple, easy checks for yourself. I highly recommend you learn how and make a habit of regularly doing these checks on your car for yourself. As one lady to another.


It shouldn’t, but it could! If you check it once a week, you’ll not only be able to have some piece of mind knowing it’s ok, but you also know immediately if there is a problem!

It doesn’t just end up on the ground. It can also get burned in the engine as well

One quart was enough? Was the oil at the “full” mark on the dipstick?

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