2012 Buick Regal - in search of rack and pinion

Manufacturers stopped making racket pinion for 2012 Buick Regal. Is there any alternative for this problem?

Where are you looking as there seems to be several places that have rebuilt units .

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RockAuto lists a bunch. All depending on the engine you have and the tire code. Neither of which you told us.

Here is one…


Another option, ask your local vehicle recycling business if they can source you a compatible part from a wrecked Buick. You know when NPR, Cars-for-Kids, and the like asks you to consider donating your old vehicle to them? That’s where it goes. Its a win-win, b/c the agencies get some $$$, and you have access to no-longer-manufactured parts.

I don’t like the idea of a used rack from a wrecked Buick

It’s likely to bust a leak next week, and then all that work was for nothing

Op should either have his rack rebuilt, or swap it for one that’s already rebuilt


No way would I source a used rack. The trouble of changing it and the high chance that it might leak within a week are too high.
Available from AutoZone at 204 dollars.

Car makers do not keep the spare parts production lines going all the time. In this case the rack is no doubt sourced from another vendor and at some point soon after production of the car and assuming the rack is not continuing to be used on similar or other models that production run will cease.
Spare parts are not done on an in perpetuity basis.