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2009 Buick Enclave faulty FCM?

I stopped at a stop sign. I pulled into the intersection and engine lost power and stopped. Could not restart. Towed vehicle home. Found schematic of fuel system online.
First - I tested the 20 amp fuse marked FCM (Fuel Control Module) and the fuse was good.
Second - I located the FCM behind the gas tank and forward of the cross beem in front of the spare tire.
Third I unplugged the FCM and tested for 12V+ voltage and found it ok.
Fourth - I plugged in the FCM and unplugged the plug from the FCM to the fuel pump and checked for 12v+ Voltage comming out of the FCM to the large grey wire (12v+) terminal and the pink (12v-) terminal. I turned on the ignition and no voltage was recorded.
Fifth - Using a pair of jumpers with aligator clips I put 12v+ to large grey wire and 12v- to large pink wire going to fuel pump. Fuel pump ran and pressurized fuel system. Started and ran engine.
Sixth - I presumed that the FCM was bad and replaced it and plugged in all plugs.
Seventh - The engine started and ran for about 2 minutes and stopped. The fuel pump was not running.
I have concluded that the computer is not sending a signal to the FCM to power up the fuel pump for some reason. The FCM may not have been bad after all. I currently do not know why it will not run. I am open to all ideas.