2012 Audi A6 jerks


2012 Audi A6 3.0t. When driving around 5-10 mph and when shifting from first to second car has a small jerkish feeling and after second it seems to be fine. Is that a normal problem or can it be a transmission problem?

It could be the normal torque converter lock-up function that occurs at that speed. Usually it occurs a little faster than that, but your car may be designed to do it at a lower speed. Modern torque converters lock up at faster speeds to provide better mpg, and there’s usually a little bit of a subtle shudder when that happens. If it is really noticeable, that’s not normal.

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah the jerkish feeling is not noticeable at all, I only noticed it when test driving the car at the dealership. The salesman didn’t even notice haha.

If you think A6 jerks are bad just wait till you notice all the A8 jerks.


If I understand this correctly the Person noticed something during test drive about transmission . Bought used vehicle anyway and then goes on the internet asking if it is normal . Good Grief .

I had a similar comment. LOL

Is there a transmission dip stick? If so, check the fluid level, color, and smell. The dealer may have changed the fluid, but may not have as well. If not, change the trans fluid and see I find there is an improvement.