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Car jerks

I have a 1992 Grand Am and as i speed up to 42 - 47 mph the car jerks but runs fine after that . Is this a engine problem or transmission problem?

The jerking might from Torque Converter Clutch shudder. The speeds you mention is about the point in which the TCC should try to engage. One thing that can cause this is if the transmission fluid friction motifiers begins to break down from oxidation. When was the last time transmission fluid service done?


Thank you for the information I will have that looked at. Don’t know when fluid was done I’ve had the car since it was new. Wanted it to be a cash for clunker NO luck gets good gas milage. Thank you again.

If you don’t know when the transmission was serviced, that means it is time to have it done.

It may have been changed but i haven’t said any thing to my husband . He wants me to get a new car and I don’t want one. Thanks