Jerking 2008 Audi TT


when I am stopped, and when I start to go it jerks.

Jerks as in surges or jerks as in it feels like it’s going in and out of gear? One is the engine and the other is the transmission.

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There is also a humming sound. Afraid it is the transmission. $$$$ in my future. They had to know about this when they sold it to me. I took it for a test drive, but only around the car lot. Salesman rode with me and talked the hole time. So, it did not jerk or could not hear any sound. At first I thought it was me learning to drive it. Had other Audi’s but they were all 4 cyl, this is a 6, so I thought it was me. The humming I thought it was the tires and the cold weather. The sound got better the further I drove. I feel they took advantage of me because of my age.

I am afraid that it is your lack of knowledge about the car business that has gotten you into deep trouble. You say nothing about a warranty. Your entire test drive was under 15 mph. And you didn’t have an inspection by an independent mechanic. The car business will eat you alive until you learn how to deal with it.
Get your contract and get a lawyer, and get an independent diagnosis.

There is a good possibility they did not know about any transmission problems . It was bought at auction or traded in and all they did was detail and set it on the used vehicle lot. You should have taken a better test drive . First call the dealers manager and politely explain your concerns . If you have anyone who can go with you that would be good if they have some vehicle clues.

Next , never again buy a ols used European luxury vehicle because they can cost you a lot of money in repairs. Also your age had nothing to do with it because this happens to all age groups.

You are right. There were red flags and I did not pay attention to them. I should have taken it for a better test drive. But when I bought it and the drive home, I had no issues showing up. It was the next day when I took it for a ride. The finance guy did not talk to me about buying coverage, only showed a payment with the coverage in it. That is when I should of asked question. Buying a car, new or used is such a long process, all you want to do is get over with and get out of there. Thank you for your comment.

If you have any kind of warranty now is the time to get it out. If not, your state may have a basic implied warranty. At minimum, take it to a good independent shop–one not affiliated with the dealership–and get a diagnosis and estimate. If you have a lawyer, get him/her involved as well.

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Is the check engine light on?