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2011 Volvo XC 70 Spare Tire--How do you fit a full size spare?

Hi guys.

New Volvo XC70 and love the car. However, am realizing not having a full size spare is an issue for me. Volvo message boards talk about ordering a shallower “grocery tray” from Volvo, at least for earlier models. Supposedly that will give you room for the full size spare.

I don’t see any discussion specific to the new XC70. Does anyone have any experience with this or know the fix?

God bless Volvo, but why build an AWD car without a full size spare???

I wholeheartedly agree that cars should come stock with full service spares. Even if it’s only offered as a no-charge option.

Have you checked with the Volvo dealer for a shallower tray for your model?

I have a call in. Just thought someone out in the ether might have worked a fix on the 2011 while I am waiting to hear back.