Factory Installed Wheel Size

We ordered a new Volvo XC70 3.2 from the factory. It has arrived at the dealship, but we’ve been told that it came with the optional 17 x 7.5 inch wheels versus the standard 16 x 7 inch. The dealer said that he would replace them prior to delivery if we want. Other than not wanting to spend the extra $750 for the 17 inch option, does the size matter for all weather capability, handling, drivetrain life, etc.?

The 17 inch will typically handle a bit better and ride a bit firmer than the 16 inch. Since the rim is 1/2" wider, and I assume the tread is also 1/2" wider, it may not bite into snow quite as well. You may wnat to get some good snow tires for the winter if you live in snow country. That’s a good idea anyway.

It’ll have no affect on anything else, including drivetrain longevity.

Persoanlly, if they’re willing to deliver the car with the 17" wheels at no extra charge I’d take them. If not, I’d make them change them. You should not have to pay for an option you didn’t order.

Only with respect to being able to find the right size. A lower profile tire with the same overall diameter, and tire width should perform similarly. A wider tire width would have less winter snow traction. Otherwise, they potentially handle better, ride worse and more susceptible to damage (potholes especially). For those reasons, I don’t like them and recommend against them unless you drive on roads w/o problems and have a handling/good looks opinion.

Test drive XC70s with both, see which you like. It can sometimes create a rougher ride, so you’ll want to watch for that. Also, go to tirerack.com and compare how much the respective tires cost, and how many models are available in each size.

Or…if they won’t give you the rims free, cancel the deal and get a Subaru.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my inquiry. Based on your answers, I’ve contacted the dealer and requested that he replace the 17 inch with the standard 16 inch wheels.
About the Subaru thing, what can I say…we just like Volvos. But thanks again for your time and answers.