2011 Volkswagen GTI - Missing underlight


00-17-13 Volkswagen Technical Service Bulletin (tsbsearch.com)

FYI, OP 's complaint seems to be the GTI’s engine misfires under light acceleration. TSB (above) suggests the cause might be clogged injectors or intake valve deposits.



Oh I get it now. A miss under light acceleration. Some of you folks must deal with the general public to be able to decipher this in short order. In 11th grade my speech teacher did a palm reading. I thought it was amazing what she could tell about my future.

I expect OP doesn’t know how to type a space using their cell phone. It took me some time to figure that out myself. Worse, when I tried to sign on to this website during the peak-pandemic era using cell phone wifi connection, I discovered I had to type an underscore character “_” It took me 2 hours to figure out how to do that … lol …

Ha, would be nice is moderator could change headline to miss under light load

I already did. It’s in the vomments.

lol … Freudian slip? … lol …