2011 Volkswagen Golf clicking on right turns

I have a 2011 VW sport wagon, gas 2.5 liter with 190,000 Kilometers on it.
When turning right with some load a "clicking " noise is present and comes from the drivers side wheel. When going straight no noise. The car is stock and not driven hard. I believe that would be a CV joint but wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks SM

Sam , have a shop give you a real opinion if you are not going to do this yourself . It probably is a CV joint but I would not say so without seeing the vehicle.

It sounds like it without being able to see or here it. are any boots torn? if so then it needs to be changed.

Thank you Volvo V70 & weekend warrior for your input.
I used to work on cars but now live in the city and do not have tools and or space to do work anymore.
So to the shop it will go.

I usually like to put OEM parts on the car but because of the kilometers on the car I think I will go with a refurbished aftermarket CV.

Many thanks

If it is the CV joint – and that’s what it sounds like from the description – the standard method to “fix” it (on most vehicles) is to replace the half-shaft. The replacement half-shaft will have both inner and outer CV joints, either new or rebuilt.

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Could be the wheel bearing also.

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This car have wheel covers? If so, remove the wheel cover on that wheel and go drive it to see if the noise goes away. If the noise is gone then go over the tabs on the inside of the wheel cover to see if any or missing or bent.

What happens is the wheel distorts a tiny amount when cornering and it causes the hub cap to click.


A small pebble stuck in the wheel somewhere can cause clicking noises too.