2011 Tuscon Steering

Our happiness with the 2011 Tuscon was short lived when we had to drive more then the few miles on the test drive. The steering is all over the place. It feels like a 57 Chevy as it rolls and pulls left and right. We absolutely hate the drive. The dealer has done an alignment and put it on a machine but no difference. There is a very significant flaw in the steering.

Please share your experiences.

There was another post just within the past couple of days on the same issue, with the same model of car. Take a look at that thread to see what I and others recommended to that person:

You can also use this site’s search function to look for other threads on this model.
However, you have to spell it correctly in order to find what you are looking for!
Your vehicle is a Hyundai Tucson, not a “Tuscon”.

When I was reading the Motor Trend review on small SUV’s (CUV’s), when they got to Hyundai & Kia one of their complaints was odd steering feel. The mentioned something along the lines of “typical Korean car issue”. I test drove the newer Santa Fe and the steering wheel itself felt kind of small in my hands, not sure if it was the size or the way it handled. I could not put the experience in words, just that I could not take that car on a long road trip.