2011 Toyota Yaris - Warning lights

i have a toyota yaris 2011 6speed its showing two weird signs i dont know what could possibly the problem. its showing one exhaust yellow sign and the other one engline checklight with VSC yellow sign.i really appreciate if someone can explain about the problem and i can fix it

Time to have a mechanic read those codes.


2011 Toyota Yaris Dashboard Lights & Symbols Guide

2011 Toyota Yaris Warning Lights & Dashboard Symbols | WarningLights.co
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Your owner’s manual should have the symbols and their meanings.

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I don’t know what an “exhaust yellow sign” is but VSC means Vehicle Stability Control.
That anti-skid feature is automatically disabled–along with the Cruise Control and (probably) some other features whenever the Check Engine Light is lit up. As was already mentioned, you need to have someone “read” the Diagnostic Trouble Codes that caused the CEL to light up.

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The VSC warning is probably a result of the first problem. To functin properly, VSC systems require the engine to be running perfectly. Once you get the first one about the engine-exhaust solved, the VSC warning will likely go away too.

No expererience w/your car, but good for you for getting the manual transmission version. That makes your car golden imo. A lot of problems reported here about folks cars, you’ll never have. I’m guessing the exhaust warning light means there’s some sort of problem with the emissions system. When the car’s computer thinks there this type of problem, it will usually store some diagnostic codes in its memory. Ask your shop to use their scan tool to read that computer memory & determine the diagnostic codes. They’ll probably look something like p0xxx. You can post the code numbers here if you like for more ideas. If there’s been any recent work done under the hood, be sure to inform your shop, as this sort of problem often follows some under-hood task improperly performed.

In all Toyota’s and Lexus’s - if there’s an ECU code thrown then the ECU disables VSC (Vehicle Stability System). Even a code thrown by a faulty gas-cap will disable VSC. May also disable cruise and AWD if so equipped.

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