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2011 Toyota RAV4 rpm drop

Hi all:

I do not know if this problem is located in this forum, they help me locate it.

The matter is like that. I have a Rav4 2011 4x4 with 115000.0 km, a few days ago when plowing the revolutions oscillates between 1500 to 1200 for 5 times, then they are regulated and start to drop to 650 rpm, it had never happened, what can be the damage ?

The other case that I have with the car, is that as I connect all the electrical consumptions (air conditioning connects full, fog, low light, high light and radio, the rpm range between 600 and a thousand, not established.

Does anyone know what could be the damaged piece or equipment?

I appreciate the help.

i think he meant to say slowing instead of plowing.
you would see an idle swing when you hit the brakes/let off gas

Did you disconnect the battery or replace it by any chance?If yes, the computer has to relearn its idle controls.Learn how to reset it on Toyota vehicules.

I thought that he was “Plowing snow”!!!

But unless he is only doing his own plowing…this is not a vehicle that should be used for this.
Unless you want to keep replacing trannies.