2011 Toyota Corolla - Mass airflow sensor issue

massive air flow check engine light

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Suggest to repost with a proper description of problem & Corolla’s engine & transmission configuration. If you include the diagnostic codes, you’ll get better success here. Diagnostic codes usually begin with the letter “P”. Anytime the check engine light turns on, the computer generally stores at least one diagnostic code in memory…

I’m guessing by “massive air flow” the code is for an evap system problem, something has a big leak rather than a small leak.

Mass air flow faults are usually caused by a dirty/failing mass air flow sensor or a break in the air intake tube between the air cleaner and throttle body.


I never got a light but have had two failures. The one acted like it was starved for gas and the other just provided a rich mixture. Replacing them is a common solution.

Held in by a screw or two usually. Get one of the internet and not Toyota one, save some money. Can likely change with just a screw driver only.