2013 Nissan Rogue MAF sensor damaged

Good afternoon.
I have the car with no issues until I decided to change the intake into the basic one for performance, I removed the plastic ducts and placed the metal one with the round performance filter, it was working great , even doing almost 6 miles more per gallon, very strong and powerful, I enjoy it a lot!, really good!, but suddenly the check engine started on and occasionally the traction control light also on, when both gets on, the car just start jumping like a horse, don’t think about pushing the gas, you need to go slowly gaining speed, when stop the car, it tries to turn off, the code from the computer said the Massive Air Flow Sensor damaged, I installed a new one, still the same and I could say worse. Can anyone tell me something about it and how to fix it?
Thanks all.

If the air filter in your performance intake is the kind you add oil to the filter cloth, that is damaging your Mass Airflow Sensor. If you recently cleaned it and re-oiled the filter and then the error code came up, you put way too much oil on the filter element.

I’d suggest you clean the mass airflow sensor with a spray cleaner made especially for that purpose and put the factory intake back on with the factory-style paper filter.

If you must keep the performance intake, re-clean the filter and LIGHTLY oil it. Use way less oil than you think you need. It doesn’t take much.