1999 4Runner worth keeping?

hi- my 4runner has 199,600 miles and I was told I need to replace a throttle sensor, MAF sensor and air filter. I recently was also told I had a slow oil leak which seems not to require much oil put in - is it worth the repairs or is it time to get a new vehicle?

Only you can tell us that. We have no idea how well it was maintained or what else might be wrong with it. Personally, if it were one of mine I’d know it’d been maintained well, and sensors go out from time to time. I’d replace them.

As for the oil leak, where’s it coming from? If it’s something easy like a drain plug or a valve cover gasket I’d fix it, otherwise I’d just keep adding oil until the leak got big enough to junk the car.

Those maintenance items are not very expensive so replace them and drive the 4Runner as long as you can. That 4Runner might have another 199,600 miles in it if properly maintained. I sold a Ford Ranger XLT to a friend of mine with over 400,000 miles on the clock and it’s still going strong. Maintenance is the key.

Everything you’ve listed are not major items to fix.

Hows the condition of the vehicle? Body have much rust? Rust is usually my indicator. If little to no rust…then I usually go ahead with the repairs.

thank you all - I usually just get oil changes, inspections and whatever issues pop up during those - I think I will keep it!

I agree. Those aren’t serious problems.


“I usually just get oil changes . . .”

Have you been getting automatic transmission services every 30K . . . ?

I’m assuming you have an automatic transmission, because that is what most drivers in the US have

if you have a timing belt, when was it replaced the last time?

The air filter and MAF sensor are easy to replace, and not terribly expensive