2011 Subaru Outback, CEL, vehicle dynamics control, and flashing brake light on

Hello, I’m on a road trip and was taking off this morning when my CEL, vehicle dynamics control light came on steadily, with a flashing brake light. It’s Sunday and no repair shops are open and I need to drive from CO to S. Cal today. Is it safe to travel? From what I’ve seen, it could be a problem with the gas cap or ABS is disabled. Haven’t had cruise control light come on (yet), but haven’t tried driving anywhere.

Thank you for any help or comments!

If the car’s OBD system detects any trouble codes, it will light up the CEL, and will disable the VDC, traction control, and Cruise Control. ABS will probably work normally.

Most likely it is the result of a loose or defective gas cap, so that is the first thing that I would check.

In any event, as long as the CEL isn’t flashing, the car is safe to drive.

And now the cruise control is disabled with the cruise light flashing on and off. Is this just a faulty gas cap?

Try removing and re-tightening the gas cap.
However, even if that trick works, you will need to go through several drive cycles (starting, driving, shutting down the engine, starting, driving, etc) in order for the CEL to extinguish itself and for everything to “right” itself.

While it is a pain on a long trip to not have Cruise Control, there is no danger to driving the car in this condition.