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2011 Santa Fe

Hello I’m debating turning in my 2004 Santa Fe for a 2011 Santa Fe. My question is the 2004 hasn’t been the easiest car to work on, the alternator is buried, engine parts were hard to find since after market parts would fit, etc is this still an issue with the 2011 model.

All modern vehicles have engine compartments that are full and have things that are difficult to access. All you can do is raise the hood ( or if you are British the Bonnet ) and see for your self. Seriously, just how often do you really change things like an alternator ?

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A few months back, I replaced the alternator on my brother’s car

It was extremely time-consuming, as a matter of fact

But they’ve already had it about 11 years

I seriously doubt they’ll keep it long enough for me to do it a 2nd time

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