2011 Nissan Teana (=Maxima) - Wishbone Bushings

Hi all,

car had maintenance and the Nissan dealer said I need to replace:

  • wishbone / pinion bushing: front left / right: cost 490 USD

Still drives the same as when I got it a year ago, and the previous maintenance was 10 months ago without remarks… so wondering how urgent this replacement is…

Made a video, here the screenshot:

so that’s the upper wishbone which connects to the power steering I believe.

the other side of the car at the lower wishbone arm I noticed a possible leak? there’s oil inside?

how bad do these look?
I was thinking of waiting 6 more months and combine these replacements with a next routine maintenance (I drive less than 10,000km per year, mostly around 55km per day on a weekday).

thanks a lot for any advice :slight_smile:

with kind regards

You’re showing tie rod ends, the one that looks like it’s leaking oil, is a ball joint and that’s grease seeping.

Wrong end of the wishbone, the bushings they are talking about are circled in red.

And the cost is about right.


thanks for your reply and artwork :wink:
oh, interesting, haha, ok will check tomorrow again for the other side of the wishbone.

from the other end I can only assume maybe this one could be the bushing, but it looks empty?

From that angle, it looks like your bushing is gone, hope the control arm doesn’t fall off, 1 good bump is all it will take, your car is pretty hard to control when your front wheels fall off.


car should still be very sturdy, Thai roads have their potholes, and I can still take high speed corners :wink:

closer look it’s rubber inside, just covered with same color dirt, so it looks like all metal surroundings:

so at the car side (=not tire side) there are 2 such bushings for the bottom wishbone, these are the ones Nissan wants to replace?

bottom side:

then there’s a vertical bar which connects to the spring higher up (which has at each end 2 visible rubber bushings similar to the tire side bushings/rubbers), sorry can’t post more than 1 image…

so you’re saying Nissan must be talking about the bushings at the car side on bottom wishbone?

youtube video may be more comprehensive:

big thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

Those lower control arm bushings are beginning to tear and will need to be replaced some day, perhaps 2 years from now. The tear in the bushing in the picture will not affect the performance of the suspension unless this car is used in competitive racing events.

The term “wishbone” is used to describe the appearance of some upper control arms, your lower control ares look more like pork chops.

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Apres meal. Just the bone left.

Man that’s funny! I’m certainly going to call them pork chop bushings from now on…