2011 Nissan Sentra - Plug issue

I have a 2011 Nissan Sentra bought from a private seller the car was running good very well when I went to test drive it before buying it but not even 2 months after i started having problems I changed the spark plugs and then I had to rechange after a while but now I have to change them again and I just changed them not even 3 months ago and I know it a tune up almost every 6 months does anyone know if there could be something wrong with the engine or just faulty spark plugs?

Spark plugs aren’t replaced by time, but by mileage. I’m presuming you had to replace them before 10K miles. If so, how many miles? Womething is definitely wrong w/engine or engine management if spark plugs require replacement after fewer than 10K miles. What was the motivation to replace them? Did you do the replacement job yourself?

If motivation was car ran/idled poorly, and removal of plugs showed a lot of carbon deposits, possible causes, in order of likelihood

  • fuel mixture too rich, diagnosis: fuel trim test.
  • pcv system problem
  • egr system problem

Is the CEL on? Does it turn on w/key in “on” but engine not started, then turns on briefly once engine is started, then turns off ? Have the stored diagnostic codes been checked using a scanner?


What do the old plugs look like? (a photo would be nice)
Where are you getting the replacements?
Are they the same brand and part number as the originals?

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