2011 MINI Cooper - Do these explode?

Has bmw a history of exploding cars

As in BOOM? No. Please be more specific.

Exploded or catch on fire? There’s a huge difference.

As for catching on fire, that has happened with many makes and models. Along with household appliances, lawn equipment, or whatever.

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Nope. 10 character minimum…

All cars explode on TV cop shows.


They also have brakes that lock-up because they deactivate the ABS.
It’s… show time!

My favorite is when the tires squeal on dirt roads.


On “The Simpsons” an Amish buggy once burst into flames after going over a cliff.


get enough C-4 and you can make just about anything explode…

It’s probably better to seek couples therapy than to blow up your spouse and make it look like an accident, though.

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The only thing I can find on IED Mini Coopers is a Recall for the auxiliary cooling system for the turbocharger which can lead to a sudden fire; even if the engine is off.That sounds similar to Ford’s cruise control Recall which caused a number of fires on vehicles not being used.

On South Park Eric Cartman’s Big Wheel pedal car went off the cliff and blew up at the bottom or a ravine so anything is possible I guess… :slight_smile:


To answer the OP (presuming it was a question)… As far as I know BMW does not have a proven history of going around blowing cars up. It could be a good strategy for gaining market share but only in the short term.